Side Extensions


Design considerations

Single storey and two storey side extensions are a popular way of gaining more ground floor living space, whilst using up the usually wasted side return of the garden.

One of the most common problems is that a full side extension will often result in blocking the access to light for the door/window that exists at the rear part of the elevation. There is a number of things that could be done about this and a common approach is to allow for rooflights to the new side roof; the further back the rooflights are the better. This way natural light can reach deeper in the floor plan and help to define a new dinning or kitchen area at the rear of the house or flat.

Another common solution is to actually not build up to the rear door/window; this gives the opportunity for a nice, “external room”, landscaped courtyard between the existing house and the new side extension.

Planning Issues

Single storey extensions will normally be allowed right up to the boundary and the full depth of the existing house. However, unless the side flank of a two storey side extension is more that 2 meters from the boundary permitted development will not apply and planning permission will have to be sought.