Full  scheme design


This phase takes place after the Kickstart Consultation which is the recommended starting point for all residential architecture project. This phase requires more detail, surveys and professional services enabling us to develop the concept with you. We look at room layouts, materials and aesthetics until the scope of the project is fully defined and drawn up. A 3D visual of the new build or extension will help you understand the look and feel of your project. At this stage you will also have a more accurate grasp of the costs associated with your project, either as cost per square meter or as a full budget cost plan carried out by a Quantity Surveyor. Which option you go for will depend on the complexity of the project and your specific needs.


residential architecture Planning


We help you get planning when it is required and a Certificate of Lawful Development when planning is not required. For simpler domestic projects, the Certificate of Lawful Development takes away the uncertainty about whether you have ticked the Planning boxes or not.

The planning process is never black and white and can get very political. We manage the entire planning process, from the straight forward to the more complex that may require negotiation and the help of a Planning Consultant. We have the experience, expertise and local knowledge to guide you through.



get help designing and planning your extension or new build