Main Street, Caldecotte - new build house

An innovative, contemporary, black timber clad barn inspired five bed family home with separate double garage for private clients. The new house is set on a semi-wooded, 1.9 acre site, 15 miles to the west of Cambridge, midway down the northern slope of and with stunning view over the rolling open countryside of the Bourn Valley.

The new building will hunker down approximately 0.5 meters into the ground, on the footprint of the existing two combined cottages, to minimise the impact on existing trees and wildlife .

The orientation of the building allows the proposal to open its south and west elevations to the sun and the garden while keeping its eastern and north elevations protected from the elements. To reinforce this idea, the eastern elevation, fronting Main Street will have minimal glazing in an irregular pattern of a few small windows in order to be consistent with traditional barn style design. The south and western private elevation to the rear will be much more open in terms of glazing.

The building has been planned, by Harvey Norman Architects to optimise a passive design approach. This is to be achieved in part by optimising room sizes and layout with service areas to the east and habitable spaces to the west to make the most of the orientation for both solar gain, natural daylights and views out.

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