A Guide to Building Regulations

What are building regulations?

In general terms, the Building Regulations are a set of 14 statutory documents, part A to P which set minimum construction standards for the design and building work applying to most buildings and many alterations to existing properties.  They include consideration of materials and workmanship requirements, structural matters, fire safety, sound insulation, energy conservation and access to and use of buildings. 

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Party Wall Act of 1996 — what is it and what are your obligations under it?

The Party Wall Act of 1996 may sound like an unnecessary hassle, but its objective are to prevent disputes arising between neighbours. It sets up a legal right and a framework to undertake certain works that might otherwise constitute trespass or nuisance. It is nothing to do with planning permission or building regulations but a totally separate bit of legislation.

You can understand neighbours not being overjoyed at the prospect of having their homes foundations undermined by builders in mini diggers, excavating alongside them or knocking into the party wall at loft level, and even potentially coming through the wall into the loft. The Party Wall Act is designed to assist both sides in negotiating this potentially challenging affect of building and restoration projects.

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How to make planning applications — a step by step guide

Whether you need planning permission will depend on a number of variables, including the size of the project and the level of permitted development (PD) rights that apply to your property. If you do need planning permission, you will quickly realise that planning applications can be rather tedious complex! You can use this guide to help you make a successful planning application.

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Permitted development rules for extensions, loft conversions, porches and outbuildings

This guide provides a detailed list of Permitted Development Rules for single-storey extensions, two-storey rear extensions, loft conversions, roof extension, porches and outbuildings. Use these lists as a reference tool to check if your project plans are within the planning permission exempt Permitted Development Rights. 

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