Read the ultimate guide to enhancing properties in Cambridge

As experienced and knowledgable local Cambridge architects we have written the ultimate guide on enhancing properties in Cambridge. This must read article contains:

  1. Our view on the Cambridge attraction
  2. Our view on the growth of the Cambridge property market
  3. An overview of local and historical architecture styles and recommendations for making the most of your Cambridge property
    1. The birth of Cambridge City Centre
    2. Cambridge's grand Georgian properties (1715 - 1810)
    3. Victorian houses in Cambridge (1810 - 1870)
    4. Late Victorian houses in Cambridge (1870 - 1901)
    5. Edwardian houses in Cambridge (1901 - 1920)
    6. The popularity of the Semi to the North of Cambridge (1930's)
    7. Mid century modern post war housing in Cambridge (1945 - 1960's)
    8. Public and private housing in Cambridge (1965 - 1990)
    9. The developing character of Cambridge's surrounding villages
    10. Cambridge city and properties in the new Millennium (1990 - 2015)
  4. Useful Cambridge property links

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