Battlefield Road

house extension by Harvey Norman Architects St Albans


Architects project brief

The clients had lived in a large 1930s arts and crafts house for a while. The main pain point was a small kitchen not suited for 21st century living — it was set to the side of the dining room as is typical of houses of this period. There had also been a small post war utility room that created a fractured layout that was difficult to use and disconnected from the rear garden.


Design concept and goals

  • Maximise natural light
  • Create a terrace for the house
  • Visually connect the house with the garden

Architects challenges

  • Due to the East, West orientation of the house, only the rear of the property saw morning light
  • The change in levels from the main house to the garden below


  • Poorly functional small kitchen
  • Small family bathroom in need of a redesign
  • Create a new utility room with its own side access
  • Keep existing low ceiling height in the first floor bedrooms and maintain uninterrupted 2.7m height from the existing ground floor to the new
  • Move existing WC to allow the adjacent front room to be enlarged 


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Project highlights

  • Lots of natural light from two sides and above — achieved with Kloeber doors and glazing vision rooflights
  • A large open plan style was cleverly zoned into modern kitchen, dining and living spaces
  • Layered lighting schemes emphasized zoning, task and feature lighting
  • Stylish lightly coloured stone flooring added to the spacious feel
  • Luxurious and high quality family bathroom achieved with CP Hart fittings



September 2017

Project plans and architects drawings


Project details

Building structure

The building structure used relatively straightforward load bearing masonry with beam and block suspended floor, flat timber roof with single ply high performance roof with applied standing wealts.


The project used a simple but effective highly insulated fabric first approach and deliberate use of local contractors and suppliers. LED lighting was also introduced for a significant increase in energy efficiency as they consume up to 90% less of traditional lighting.


Main interiors were supplied by

Project costs

  • Demolition & Site Preparation: £9,663.99
  • Building works: £49,645.25
  • Doors and windows: £24,016.16
  • Joinery and decoration: £7,839.01
  • Services: £20,762.55
  • Hard Landscaping (Terrace): £18,610.32
  • Kitchen: £45,000.00
  • Bathroom & WC Fittings: £9,000.00
  • Professional fees (not including Quantity Surveying and Engineering fees): £6,955.30


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