Strympole Way

house extension by Harvey Norman Architects Cambridge


architects Project Brief

Enhance a modern Cambridge house built in the early 2000's by creating a larger kitchen and living space for a family with two teenage kids. The Eastgate's love to cook, bake and entertain so the goal was to maximise light and space, bring the garden in for a touch of alfresco living and create a more open and connected feel.

Design concept and Goals

  • Maximise natural light

  • Utilise garden terrace

  • Bring garden into house all year round

  • Vaulted ceiling to maximise sense of space

  • Connect lounge and main family space

  • Free up existing dining room to become a games room


  • Create space or move

  • Parents always bumping into teenage kids

  • Garden severely underused

architects Challenges

  • Poorly installed underground drainage by original developer

  • Odd garden orientation


Project highlights


Video testimonial

Watch what John Eastgate has to say about his experience working with Harvey Norman Architects in Cambridge (2:32 minutes)



Light and bright colours were a key component. Extra budget was allocated to sourcing and hiring a lighting designer to lift the project



Maximise sense of space and connect key family living areas

Natural light

Allow as much natural light in as possible


Photo gallery


Project plans


Project details

Building structure

  • Fabric first approach

  • Lightweight structure

  • Sustainable and renewable wood

  • Aluminium rainwater goods which is long lasting and recyclable as opposed to PVC

  • A zinc roof which is highly efficient and recyclable

  • Under floor heating used to effectively heat open spaces


Reducing heat loss was a key part of the project. Roof, walls and floor were highly insulated and high performance windows and external doors from Kloeber were used.

project post-mortem

From planning permission and build regulations to project support and supervision of builders, everything was handled for the client. Harvey Norman Architects oversaw the whole project and made sure all the elements came together to produce a solution the Eastgate's loved.



Harvey Norman Architects, Strympole Way extension, before shot
Harvey Norman Architects, Strympole Way extension, after shot
Any technical knowledge we might have needed to secure planning or building regulations was looked after by Ian. Ian also took on project support and supervision of the builders. We took great comfort in knowing Harvey Norman Architects were behind the tender process.
— John Eastgate

Interior fittings


The client was willing to spend a bit more where required. Because the Eastgate's were staying in the house they didn't want to look back and wish they had spent an extra few hundred pounds to give the quality finish they really wanted. 

Demolition: £2,488
Building works: £31,072
Doors and windows: £9,550
Joinery and decoration: £8,728.00
Kitchen: £17,000
Flooring: £5,280.00
Lighting:  £8,300.00
Services: £5,500
Professional fees: £4,469
TOTAL: £92,397

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